Ma, I don’t know how you do it
And now I don’t want to understand it
Because if I do, I fear I’ll be like you
Sure we find a reason to smile and laugh
Amidst the tears for being so chafed
Composing a rhythm and tiring moves
Trying so hard to sing away the blues

When the water gets in my lungs
And I cannot breathe any longer
When I cannot stand still with no ground below my feet
I quit and am ready to flee
You hold my hand and say
Just one more day
Just one more day until we are free

Just one more day, dear
All this will be over
Brighter days with rainbows await us there
Where this and that don’t exist
Please listen, don’t resist
For that honey, bear it all, just for one more day

To bear and endure
The atrocity so grandeur
So common a tale now
Could never tell the difference somehow
Always for you, I have bowed
To the unjust with the echo so loud
For a revolt you said was unnecessary
For waiting was the only way to merry

I don’t know anymore what we wait for
My body’s aching all the time, my soul is sore
Tears have begun to dry up
I’m losing the sound of my heart
In your wait of just one more day
I cannot lose myself the way you lost yourself
I need a reason to be
I need to be truly me
I need a life that needs no escaping
I need my time that needs no rescuing

I lay in bed staring into the future each night
Wondering, imagining and painting a picture so fine
Building castles of what ifs
Pulling curtains of happy endings
But when the bitterness of sunray shines through
My dreams are set ablaze and the day just continues

I wonder why you clench me everytime I am through
I wonder if it is your care or fear at play
I’m tired of the routine
Of the strange things you make me fearful of
Telling me tales of the outside world
Waiting out there to harm me
Waiting out there to tear me
But I have taken few midnight strolls
The world you speak of is nothing like you behold
It is not adorned with fairy lights
And butterflies don’t sit on my fingers
But, Ma there are no scary men and no duping bingers
The thought and your fear still lingers
I stay awake in my sleep
Running faster and faster
Running far away in fear
Always learning to hurt before they hurt
Leave before they leave
Never to trust, never to believe
I am growing so hollow and distant from me
Losing myself in the path
Standing alone in the aftermath

Just one more day
Translated into decades of despair
Waiting, hoping and counting on a distant dream
That only gets farther with each day that passes by
I am not scared to fall down, Ma
Being hurt doesn’t bother me and pain is a friend now
I am ready to give up the straps of luxuries and comfort
I am just so frightened to even think that I’ll die waiting for just that one more day
Because I know that day will never arrive until I strive

I will come back, Ma
Come back and lie in your lap
Tell you tales of the outside world
Waiting out there to love you
Waiting out there to heal you
It is you who can love you
It is you who can heal you
If you allow yourself to feel
If you give yourself permission to be
If you allow me, this world can be
Bright with rainbows
Adorned with fairy lights and butterflies
And that someday for you and I
All we ever dream of would arrive
And the wait for just one more day would subside