I’m the bird you’ll never see
Because I’m the bird who’ll be up the sea
High up in the sky
You must not try
to bring me down
Because it will be futile.

But I’m no bird but human
I’m no human but a girl
I’m no girl but me
And I am more.

I am more.
More than just a girl.
More than just a face.
More than two full lips for you to gaze.
More than flesh.
More than heat.
A little more than for you to eat.

I’m more than to be used.
More than tears.
More than pain.
More than dirt buried in the rain.
I’m more than a song the bird sings in silence.
Definitely more than for your reliance.

The utensils that crack beneath my shutters
The wet floor that creeks to dry
The melting butter
The leftover
And all my children
Tied down by you till I die.

Quenching the thirst of the needy
Providing with the luxuries
Lying naked for you
Viewed nothing above a hole of satisfaction
You press
You bite
You tear
You scratch
I bleed
I cry
I scream
I shout
Us both in agony, pain and chaffed.

We suddenly got the missiles of modernization
Blasted in our mindless heads
But I’m still a bomb
I still can make an explosion
Erecting in a short dress
Pushed up a must
High heeled a must
I am that river in the backdrop of that scenic beauty
The real reason of the scenery anyway
Who sure exists
Can be heard
Can be seen
Blurred, neglected and shoved in the backdrop.

You might as well know
I’m not hard as steel
My one of many weaknesses, I feel
But I can hurt you
In one way than many
I will make your last breath
So miserable
But yet I don’t.
Don’t know why.
I am not above you.
Or beyond the pain.
But because
Just because I feel.