Clenched her fist drenched salinely tirelessly waiting to touch the ground
Shivers down her spine and sudden bursts of quail shook her ground
Timid and tiny
Relentlessly crying, hoping to find the meaning of it all
The girl wept wondering why she so did.

Through the years, a rebel came by
Not committing even if things complied
Angst and agony were poison of choice
Still stray she wondered in hope of rejoice
The girl was now growing up
after years of growing in
Soothed by the passage of time
Calmed by the antics of mind
She crafted a bellow of wonders and fantasies
And became the desired face of philogyny
They told her the destination had arrived
The lady she has become is as far as she must ever get derived

But there was something about life
Challenged her to challenge things
Not committing when meant to commit
Neither giving in nor giving out
She was tuning a mystery to her tone
Building blocks of paradoxes of facts and lies she knit with love
She was realising what she meant to the world
Nothing, whispered the echoes
She was realising what the world meant to her
Nothing, echoed the whispers
She realised she lied in ease in the laps of the nature for she was synonymous to all that she ever breathed
She finally grew up to be what she was destined to be
A woman, she had handcrafted to be.

Now she blows kisses of air as she looks down her sweaty palms
Reminiscing all those things that have made her what she is now
Not shunning the struggles she faced
For they make her what she is now
Gratuitous and in pride are her strides
As the cool breeze dries out her sweaty palms
She shall reclaim her fate intended realm.