Could you whisper assurance
In that moonless night
When all my fears are all I speak
When all the nightmares come alive
When I breathe in the past and
Live in the future
Anxious, troubled, worried
Delusion, awry and crazy
When every effort has come undone
When every taper has been tapered off
When I breathe heavy and slow
Losing all faith and all the hope
When I cry not knowing why
When I crush and cave in immense pain
When I sweat and bleed
When I fall down and stay smeared
When none understands what I speak
When I doubt each inch of life
When everything is a blur
When my feet gets cold and my hands sudate
When my heart beats fast
When my eyes are closing and mind shutting down
When I am as weak as can be
Will you hold me then
When no one will
When I swim in depths of despair
When I am ready to slip away
When my name is ready to fade away
And whisper assurance that I’m not the only one?