Write me a poem
Sing me song
I won’t complain of the rythym
I won’t scrounge for tune
I will close my eyes
Soak in the love that your words shall pour
Breathe in the air
Mystified, I shall gaze up to the sky
To wonder if I am worthy of that
Magical poem and song you wrote.

Take me by the hand
Wrap kerchief around my eyes
As I’ll whiff off the succulent scent
I shall feel your tender gentleness around my skin
I will have my heart overwhelmed to bother if I am worthy of the warmth you behold.

I wonder. I bother.
So I shall forever.
You understand. You fonder.
So I shall wonder forever.
What makes us what we are?
The soul-bound love.
The simple mistakes.
The treasured trove.
Or perhaps just a reckless joke.