Have you gotten angry lately, irrespective of the degree of that fit? Whenever you are there, muddleheaded, turning into your own sweet version of Hulk, take a moment out, step out; literally, take a breather and laugh at whatever it is.

Yes! Laugh out loud or in your mind. No matter how pissed you are try laughing, try and imagine the people around you naked (free from perverted thoughts please), make a funny song about it or a super cool animated action movie, imagine yourself dancing like crazy or even better, do so, think of aliens visiting you and whatever else you can possibly think of that is so strongly absurd that it can really take your mind off the heat. You soon will realise nothing matters a pinch unless you want it to.

Best option, be a dog. They are awesome. Our mind is like a dog, no matter what, you give it a good treat and it is genuinely happy and in a blink of eye everything fades away. Nothing is ever too much for it. Nothing can ever be too serious. If you want it out of your system, make a conscious, deliberate and a genuine effort. What can be worse? That is my personal favourite rather than it could be worse.  I don’t know why but the latter fills me with self pity and greater remorse. Also, it has the paradigm of the shameless optimism because the cynic in me rhetorically asks what if could be better? Anyway, try and learning from animals. Opposed to the general view of them being wild, mad killing creatures practising survival of the fittest; they are inherently awesome practising, if anything, live and let live. They won’t trouble you unless they are troubled. They are so sorted. They live in the moment. They don’t worry about extreme possibilities or random things. They don’t judge, don’t gossip, don’t procrastinate, don’t waste endless hours thinking. But then we are another kind, as a fact we can’t do without all that human things we do. Least we can do is learn the animal kind and do it our own version of the animan. Don’t weigh yourself down with other’s perception,  be your own version of cool and live by it- no reasons no explanations.

Coming back to anger and knowing it very personally being addicted to the emotion for far too long, you could totally use the secret of Hulk himself- be always angry. Not ramming on things and blasting off anyone you see but absorbing the emotion so deep that in reality it ceases to exist or at the least it quits bothering you. It is fancy emotion that feeds once fed. It grows at will and can easily be turned off with a conscious.

There are times though when even with the might of your wisdom you cannot contain it. Times when you are hurt on a level you cannot stand. Your origins, your dreams, your stance, your soul feels battered and you veritably lose your mind. Take a deep breathe. Understand the fact that you cannot change one’s mind but control your own. You can only do your bit. Silence and letting go in a sigh is the remedy I’ve chosen to follow because no matter how much I’m exasperated I just cannot change one’s view. I can only try. But explaining and justifying over and over again seems a futile try because in that time you could do so much more.

But there will be times when you are meant to mad in anger. Some things which you cannot tolerate and must tolerate- things against your self-respect, your space in this universe, your beliefs. But then again amidst that madness talk to yourself, keep your belief strong and move on. Sr round yourself with positive people and if you cannot find any, plenty of such vibes in the nature. Don’t be so socially dependent because at the heart if anger, it is only a compilation of your worst insecurities, darkest fears and defiance of what you truly are. So I’d suggest you embrace your pure self- just the way you are. And while you are it, dance along like mad. Peace out.