While you intensely discuss politics
I breathe in the air
While you bicker about things so fancy
I gaze at the sky
While you find exempted answers
I cook my own food
While you quarrel over material tidings
I sleep in peace

Silence is the premier of them all
We all need the basics
For basics are essential
Concept of boring has taken too far
Forging an empty system of great thinkers
Never to do
Never to be
What we must

We will die
We will die soon
I wonder what’s the point of your way
You are not doing good anyway
For the thrill for captivating the flickering mind
You created a hollow trap with empty lines
For some reason it doesn’t excite me
For some reason I want to live just as is

Success, awareness and richness they say
Are necessary tools to survive at bay
I wonder what food, water and air did
Without which I was no good bid
Killing us in flamboyance
Passion indeed
Overeducated kins
Boggled my sins.