“God says, I have given you everything. You can do what I can’t. Kar ke toh dehko  (try it at least)” as my father spoke his words of wisdom, I wondered what was stopping us anyway? What were we so lost in? What made us so engrossed in fancying ourselves to lose our substance every single time?

After tons of two way thoughts and an intense debate with self, it occurred to me, on perhaps an irrelevant platform; the ever so growing population isn’t a problem but the solutioyn. Well, at least in its inception but sadly, grows out to be the problem and hence the cycle is carried on just growing manifolds. Allow me to explain. We are over 7 billion now or maybe way more than that but we are popularly believed to come in existence from just two- now I don’t know who or perhaps out of the amalgamation of very different species. I don’t know the biological hierarchy, nor am I here to find our ancestral roots but what I am saying is either ways, procreation is what lead to us here. No doubts there? Now when procreation is the answer of the on going relay of survival and sustainance for every possible species and nature as a whole, what lead to our army to go beyond 7 billion; which in every stretch of imagination is huge and surprisingly enough continues to rise.

As I see it, we are a fun kind of species. Challenged in a special way. What I decipher it as is that we are aiming at the perfect human. We are subconsciously programed to reach there but because of the various other factors, there is just a massive delay. So in the run of reaching that perfect being and the variety of ways of getting there has lead us to a crowd of over 7 billion. See it this way, if you are to be a parent or already are don’t you really want to build a life for your kid minus the problems you faced, don’t you really want your kid not to repeat your mistakes, don’t you really want your kid to have the knowledge of wisdom you attained after so many years of experience? It is a thought to think about. The whole system of family and community is not just built out of best ways of living but to transfer the requisites in the best form to the next generation.

See, what I am putting out here is that the whole reason of procreation lies in building that perfect being who I don’t know, might have another level ultra purpose to itself but regardless, we are going mad to get there. Now when you see things on a detached, universal level where you are not personally in the game plan and it is all about the bugger picture, it might make sense. The series of knowledge, know-how, wisdom, morals, ethics and beliefs we transfer to our kids is not just by chance but a well thought program based on direct and deepest version of two people’s (mostly) lifetime of experience. You don’t want your kid to repeat your life, you want theirs to be better, more fruitful, easier and definitely more humble. All this is very very common and so obvious that we don’t even care to think about it but just for the sake you’ve invested so time reading this piece, ponder on it once? Ask yourself, why do we do what we do?

On another level, I always wondered what are we doing here anyway? As in I really beat myself hard about what is the purpose of our life anyway- the epitome of the over thinking mind- the existential dread? If we are given this life and the ability to think, then what is the perfect form of living? This way or that way? In a quest for a certain answer to find the utopian state I wondered if anything we did human was even necessary? Could we not just be like Nishada? Did we really have to make these concrete jungles and polluting machines? Was all that we have around and hear about all necessary? Why couldn’t we just be naked people residing in jungles eating the berries, fruits and vegetables talking less and staring at the sky more often? That would resolve the whole problem of pollution, lifestyle diseases and what not. But then comes the series of convenience and ease of life and isn’t that precisely what we are so desperately scrounging for; each single one of us? We do what we must because we can. For the good of all of us. Except the ones who are dead. So, the universally maddening question still remains; what is the problem then? Where are we going wrong?

We humans are a creative bunch of species who know everything but the art of drawing a line. Exactly the problem. You could sum it up to put it on the mysterious and colossian powered mind or just our basic nature and instinct. Perhaps I’m on my way of knowing that but what I know for sure is that the root cause of all the problems is our undefined boundless power of imagination. We can think; forward, backward, fantasise, worry and imagine right about anything. Look at us, we have managed to artfully craft the creator of the universe, popularly known as god, we have created the internet- by far one the most high end technology; not a joke and then there’s medical science and other scientific developments, the artforms, the idea of trade and business; every-bloody-thing. Look at us, we have so so much. And in achieving this ‘so much’ we have paid a price. I am a sucker for the theory of ‘opportunity cost’ and I believe it applies to everything and everyone. Look at us; concrete jungles, bad air to breathe, many animal species fading away because of us, even some specific unfortunate ones of the human race itself. We have taken nature by its neck. All because we don’t know where to stop or if we do, why must we? The individualistic thought, the Q&A mindset, the ever justifying nature of ours and our oh-so easily mailable emotions- all of us is leading us to somewhere we cannot even imagine. Maybe good, maybe horrendously dark. Maybe that’s on us.

Now you may disagree but as I see it and as my father put it, “whatever is happening is good. Whatever is going to happen is going to be good.” They are not fancy words out of an over optimistic person as against the popular thought of an oncoming apocalypse but to see it for yourself, aren’t we better humans than what we were before- deeper with more values and profound love and respect for nature? Maybe this world as a whole isn’t that great when we compare between the timelines but for the human race, this thought holds true. We are more liberal than ever, we are open, we are listening, we are peace lovers, we have less of ego. No matter how miniscule this change is, change is positive. Probably all towards to that perfect human. And I wonder what then? Does the human race then wpuld cease to exist?

Humans have always fancied me. I can’t agree with Remy more, “…but there’s something about them. They don’t just survive.They discover, they create.” Their ways of living and making everything so serious and being so strict and uptight about things that don’t even matter, the immature fear of being the non-dominant, the lingering sulking feeling of substance, virtue and morals. We have the hunger to be nice but don’t have the balls to be so. We want to be free in our suffocating prison. We need to be heard, we love justifications, we are madly hungry to express ourselves, the evergoing Q&A of ours and the downtrodden hypocrisy running deep and under our skin. I wonder where we are lead to. I really hope some place nice; some place human-less.