They said
I believed
No questions
No doubts

They told me I was poor
I became poor
They told me I was their slave
I gave up my throne to lick their shoes clean
They told I was primitive
I shut the doors to all my wisdom
They told me I had no vision
So I switched off all the illumination I ever had

I never fought
for what was right or not
I never stood up
for what was mine or not
I succumbed
I agreed
I became what they told me I was
Hence, I proved them right.

You may think ugly of them
but I feel sorry for you
Why do you think so wrong?
Why can’t you forgive and move on?

My wisdom
My patience
My love
My care
Once a gilded bird of idolatry
Soon became the reason for the cult

Ages and ages passed
The crowds of slavery massed
I found my niche of happiness
of pride, glitter and praise
under their dirty muddy boots

Little I realized it was me who
became the worst enemy I could ever have
They came
They saw
They conquered
As I lay quiet, whimpering
Never to fight
Never to shout
The greatest slave I became

Now that I know
Now that I feel
Slavery runs deep in my bones
Free from them, my soul unrest
I scrounge to serve someone else

My men who have a mind of theirs
rule me now satisfying my hunger
of slavery, ruthlessness and torture
Freedom is a fancy term
To serve and be suppressed
Is what lures me beyond death

Perhaps on the night of the last day on earth
I shall look up to the sky

finally waking up
feeling incomplete and sorry
for never to say what I had to say
for keeping numb when I had to fight
I shall continue the cycle of Bharat which is my hollow pride.